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I'm very busy with work and family, Time Solutions was a blessing when I had one more personal task that would otherwise overload my day. I called and Penny was ready to help! She saved me time, which also saved me money but at the end of the day she saved me from stress... priceless. 
— Karen Klefman, Klefman Creative Inc.

Penny is a great problem-solver who can identify multiple options for a successful outcome. She's organized, dependable, resourceful, creative and always up for a challenge.  
— Joyce McCall, Shepherd

Penny is an extremely dependable, detail oriented and highly effective professional. She creates a worry-free environment that ensures any project she manages will result in complete satisfaction. A straight forward and results oriented professional.  
— Susan Miller, Stein Mart

Penny possesses the two most important attributes needed to be able to do her job successfully. She is extremely hard working and resourceful. It is always a pleasure working with her.  
— Kristen Squeglia, Shepherd

Working with Penny, always feels less like "work". When she takes something on, you can be sure she'll put the right amount of attention to execute it perfectly.  
— Clif Watson, Herring & Haggis